About the Trucking Experts

Rose Kastrup is the CEO of CSA Advisors.  Rose has over 21 years’ experience in trucking.  She earned the designation of Certified Director of Safety through the North American Transportation Management Institute. Rose is a Past Truckload Carriers Association Safety and Security Division Board of Directors member.  In 2010 she was chosen for the Missouri Trucking Association’s Council of Safety Supervisors’ Safety Director of the Year award.  Rose is a member of the Missouri Trucking Association, the Illinois Trucking Association,  the Truckload Carriers Association, North American Transportation Institute, Missouri Waste Haulers, Women in Trucking, Springfield Motor Carriers Club, and St. Louis Transportation Club.  She is frequently asked to present at various industry events and conferences. Rose was formerly an instructor at the Center for Work Development Transport Training Institute at Ozark Technical College in Springfield, MO.

Additionally, we have a team of talented, seasoned consultants in the field so we can get our people on-site quickly.  We have clients in Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas and Iowa and have the resources to cover clients in any state.

Our field consultants are trucking industry experts who have been in trucking for their entire careers.  Some have been CEOs of transportation companies, Investigations Enforcement Supervisors for the DOT and even CPA’s specializing specifically in in trucking.  In fact, some have been former employees of the very organizations who will be auditing you.

CSA Advisors LLC works across a portfolio of motor carriers, shippers, receivers, and logistics companies. We partner with insurance agents, trucking defense firms,  industry vendors, the Department of Transportation (DOT) and all of the trucking industry organizations we are members of.

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