A Full Suite of Services

The consultants at CSA Advisors, LLC. are dedicated to being your safety and regulatory experts. We provide expert guidance to get your safety and compliance programs on track and audit-ready. We also work with new trucking companies to get all of their safety, compliance, insurance, and all other operations, set-up right in the first place, avoiding  costly fines and potential poor FMCSA ratings.

From risk assessments to accident analysis, we can serve as your representative who helps you understand how accidents occur, what factors were involved and what you need to do to be in full compliance with the law.

We help you prepare for the unexpected and are able to assist you with the following:

Risk Management

We provide risk assessments by way of reviewing your companies Safety Management Cycle (SMC).  Our holistic review includes all policies, procedures, roles, responsibilities, qualifications, hiring guidelines, training, communication, logs, and monitoring and tracking.

Post-analysis, we provide you with a comprehensive list of violations and findings, as well as a realization of exposures in all compliance areas.  For all of the liability exposures we provide customized corrective actions to both improve your current programs and processes as well as recommendations for lowering liability exposures.  We guarantee if you implement our recommended actions your will be company in compliance.  Additionally, we provide recommendations on how to avoid violations moving forward.

Insurance Programs

Insurance is one of the top three expenses trucking companies pay to do business.  Through analyzing your current insurance we can answer some complex and difficult questions.   We also can help you recognize savings via insurance bids, understand the appropriate times to take them, how resulting policies hold up against competitors and whether or not you’re properly capitalizing on them.

Another important consideration is finding balance between your loss to premium ratios.  We regularly have  clients who dropped from their insurer because their loss to premium ratio is too high.  We help to identity the issues, develop an action plan and got them below the threshold of a bad risk. We deal with these insurance companies on a daily basis and we know the questions to ask as well as the actions to take.

Financial Consulting

We can help lead the profitability improvement process in your company by helping you to understand key measures, what affects them, how to improve them and achieve repeatable and sustainable profit and growth.

We understand the trucking key performance indicators and the core competencies it takes to have a solid financial plan in place.  Through our analysis we will develop a baseline, a process improvement plan and a scorecard approach to keep you on track with your goals. We will help you make informed decisions positively impacting your company’s bottom line.

Through our client engagements e we have assisted many clients in improving profitability and their cash flow. As anyone in trucking knows, having cash flow can be the difference between growing your business or shutting your doors for good.



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