What Our Clients Have to Say

Mueller Transportation, Inc. approached CSA Advisers, LLC for safety management 1.5 years ago after making a switch to in-house management of our 11-truck company. Rose helped us by creating a holistic safety program through DOT file uniformity, compiling a safety manual and policies, driver safety training, and by performing a mock audit. As a result, our office staff and driver team now better understand what the SMS numbers mean, and have watched them steadily improve. One thing I like about Rose and April is their availability to meet our needs as we learn and grow; any time I have a question they are quick to respond and clarify. Working with CSA Advisers, LLC has made managing our compliance much less stressful, and has educated both the in-office and over-the-road staff tremendously. I would recommend them to anyone looking to build a top-notch safety program!

About the Trucking Experts

Rose Kastrup is the CEO of CSA Advisors.  Rose has over 21 years’ experience in trucking.  She earned the designation of Certified Director of Safety through the North American Transportation Management Institute. Rose is a Past Truckload Carriers Association Safety and Security Division Board of Directors member.  In 2010 she was chosen for the Missouri Trucking Association’s Council of Safety Supervisors’ Safety Director of the Year award.  Rose is a member of the Missouri Trucking Association, the Illinois Trucking Association,  the Truckload Carriers Association, North American Transportation Institute, Missouri Waste Haulers, Women in Trucking, Springfield Motor Carriers Club, and St. Louis Transportation Club.  She is frequently asked to present at various industry events and conferences. Rose was formerly an instructor at the Center for Work Development Transport Training Institute at Ozark Technical College in Springfield, MO. Additionally, we have a team of talented, seasoned consultants in the field so we can get our people on-site quickly.  We have clients in Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas and Iowa and have the resources to cover clients in any state. Our field consultants are trucking industry experts who have been in trucking for their entire careers.  Some have been CEOs of transportation companies,…

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A Full Suite of Services

The consultants at CSA Advisors, LLC. are dedicated to being your safety and regulatory experts. We provide expert guidance to get your safety and compliance programs on track and audit-ready. We also work with new trucking companies to get all of their safety, compliance, insurance, and all other operations, set-up right in the first place, avoiding  costly fines and potential poor FMCSA ratings. From risk assessments to accident analysis, we can serve as your representative who helps you understand how accidents occur, what factors were involved and what you need to do to be in full compliance with the law. We help you prepare for the unexpected and are able to assist you with the following: Risk Management We provide risk assessments by way of reviewing your companies Safety Management Cycle (SMC).  Our holistic review includes all policies, procedures, roles, responsibilities, qualifications, hiring guidelines, training, communication, logs, and monitoring and tracking. Post-analysis, we provide you with a comprehensive list of violations and findings, as well as a realization of exposures in all compliance areas.  For all of the liability exposures we provide customized corrective actions to both improve your current programs and processes as well as recommendations for lowering liability…

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Custom Tailored Programs to Fit Your Unique Needs

We have a unique understanding of trucking and safety with success in safety, operational, regulatory, and financial arenas.  We offer both on-site and off-site monitoring to fit your needs and budget.  You can mix and match from the following list:   Safety Program Development – we can revamp or create a new safety program unique to a trucking company’s needs. Insurance – handle claims, help vet bids and assess current coverage for the most benefit & least cost, lower premiums through safety initiatives. Regulatory Compliance – we can assess and make certain your company to staying in-line with regulations. We will also keep you abreast of the ever-changing regulations.  This goes miles in helping your company avoid costly mistakes in the unfortunate event of an accident. FMCSA Ratings – we regularly assist in getting trucking companies back to satisfactory.  We also help negotiate fines and enforcement actions. DOT Audits & Fines – we can run you through a mock audit, help prepare for a real audit, and help reduce potential for fines. Driver Logs & Audits – we know what to look for and how to make sure your log books and hours of service are being properly managed and recorded.…

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